Panels conducted a poll for the Knesset Channel that was broadcast on June 20 2016.

Do you want Ehud Barak to return to politics?

65% No, 18% No Opinion, 17% Yes

Note: 30% of left voters answered yes

Was Ehud Barak correct in his criticism of Netanyahu?

40% No, 33% Yes, 27% Don’t know

Who is most suited as Defense Minister?

28% Yaalon, 24% Liberman, 13% Bennett, 12% Barak

Question for Center-Left voters: Do you want Barak to return to the Labor Party?

65% No, 18% No Opinion, 17% Yes

What trait bothers you the most about Barak?

30% His zig-zags, 27% Not a leader, 12% How he treats people, 7% Shows off his richness, 6% Nothing bothers me

What is Barak’s best trait?

43% Military knowledge, 17% There is no good trait, 10% Diplomatic knowledge, 8% He is smart, 3% Responsible adult

Would you consider voting for a party because Barak is on that list?

74% No, 16% No Opinion, 10% Yes

Scenario Poll: Party with Yaalon, Saar & Barak – 9 seats.