Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on April 21st 2016.

Do you agree or not agree with Issac Herzog’s statement that the Zionist Union should “stop giving the feeling that we love Arabs”?

46% Yes, 45% No – General Public

57% No, 34% Yes – Zionist Union voters

Are you considering not voting for the Zionist Union in the next elections because of Herzog’s conduct?

21% Yes, 42% No – Zionist Union voters

Should Herzog resign as Labor Party Leader?

51% No, 26% Yes – General Public

61% No, 12% Yes – Zionist Union voters

Assuming you had a right to vote in the Zionist Union Election and Erel Margalit runs for the Zionist Union Chair, would you vote for him?

3% For sure, 22% Probably, 12% Probably not, 22% For sure not – Zionist Union voters

Do you agree or disagree with Netanyahu’s statement that the Golan Heights will remain in Israel’s hands forever?

75% Agree, 18% Disagree

Do you think it was correct or incorrect for the Cabinet to meet in the Golan Heights at this time?

51% Correct, 28% Incorrect

Do you think that the Cabinet meeting in the Golan Heights and the remarks made by the Prime Minister will have diplomatic consequences or are they just words?

63% Just words, 21% Diplomatic consequences

What do you think about the rally that was held this week in support of Elor Azarya?

48% Oppose, 40% Support

An initiative to pardon the solider Elor Azarya has been raised in recent days, do you support or oppose the initiative?

49% Support, 39% Oppose

Was it correct or incorrect to air the report on Rehavam Ze’evi?

45% Incorrect, 38% Correct, 17% Don’t know

After everything you know and have heard about Rehavam Ze’evi following the report that was aired, do you think that he is a public figure that should or shouldn’t receive national commemoration?

39% Shouldn’t, 35% Should, 26% Don’t know

Should the Ze’evi National Commemoration Bill be repealed?

41% No, 36% Yes, 26% Don’t Know