Panels conducted a poll for the Knesset Channel that was broadcast on April 11 2016.

What is the Zionist Union’s main problem?

34% Leadership, 22% No clear agenda, 22% Public has gone to the right, 11% Infighting on top, 11% Don’t Know

What should the Zionist Union focus on?

59% Social agenda, 35% Diplomatic agenda, 6% Don’t know

Will you consider voting for the Zionist Union in the next elections?

15% – Yes

Notes: 43% of Left answered yes, 13% of Center answered yes

Center-Left voters: The Zionist Union is…?

46% Centrist Party, 28% Social-Democratic Party, 26% Don’t Know

Center-Left voters: Should the Zionist Union leadership distance themselves from MK Bahloul’s statements in an absolute manner?

62% Yes, 15% No, 23% Don’t Know

Zionist Union voters: Should Zionist Union enter the government?

63% No, 24% Yes, 13% Don’t Know

Right voters: Would the fact that Zionist Union leaders express more right-wing positions on issues make you vote for them?

73% No, 17% Don’t Know, 10% Yes

An interesting Panels question that was not broadcast:

What is the main motive of each leader – National or Personal?

Bennett: 50% National interest, 38% Personal interest, 13% Don’t know

Kahlon: 49% National interest, 32% Personal interest, 19% Don’t know

Lapid: 40% National interest, 47% Personal interest, 12% Don’t know

Liberman: 37% National interest, 48% Personal interest, 15% Don’t know

Netanyahu: 32% National interest, 58% Personal interest, 10% Don’t know

Herzog: 31% National interest, 47% Personal interest, 22% Don’t know