Panels conducted a poll for the Knesset Channel that was published Dec 31 2015.

Is it correct to investigate the Prime Minister’s wife Sarah Netanyahu in the Prime Minister Residence case?

66% Yes, 19% No, 15% Don’t know

Should Prime Minister Netanyahu also be investigated by the police in this case?

38% No, 38% Yes, 24 Don’t know

Likud supporters: 62% No, 25% Yes, 13% Don’t know

Is there truth that Sara Netanyahu broke the law or are disgruntled ex-workers out to get her?

48% Truth, 27% Don’t know, 25% Out to get her

Likud supporters: 40% Out to get her, 38% Truth, 22% Don’t know

If charges are filed against Sarah Netanyahu, should Prime Minister Netanyahu resign from his position?

46% No, 39% Yes, 15% Don’t know

How will Minister Chaim Katz’s election as Likud Central Committee Chairman influence Benjamin Netanyahu’s ability to control the Likud movement?

33% Won’t influence, 33% Don’t know, 22% Will make things more difficult for Netanyahu, 12% Will make things easier for Netanyahu

Of the following candidates who could defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu in the Likud Leadership race?

44% No one, 34% Saar, 4% Yisrael Katz, 4% Yaalon, 1% Chaim Katz

Should the position of Israeli Prime Minister be limited to two terms?

56% Yes, 26% No

Likud supporters: 57% No, 37% Yes

Is Prime Minister Netanyahu’s move to make the Likud Leadership Primary early a democratic move?

46% No, 32% Yes, 22% Don’t know

Likud supporters: 52% Yes, 38% No, 10% Don’t know

Is Aryeh Deri’s return to the Interior Ministry appropriate?

68% No, 21% Yes