Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by Knesset Channel on October 22nd 2015:

Will diplomatic efforts of John Kerry & United Nations calm security situation in Israel?

77% No, 4% Yes

Are you pleased with Netanyahu’s conduct during latest terror wave?

72% Not Pleased, 27% Pleased

Do you believe Netanyahu’s version of the relationship between Mufti Al-husseini & Hitler?

53% No, 26% Yes

Do you believe Netanyahu’s claim decreases Hitler’s role in the Holocaust?

53% No, 37% Yes

Who would you like to see in charge of Israel’s security issues?

22% Liberman, 18% Bennett, 12% Netanyahu, 11% Yaalon, 6% Lapid, 1% Herzog, 21% None of above

Do you want Gideon Saar to return to politics?

43% Yes, 19% No

In what political framework would you like to see Gideon Saar?

58% Likud, 24% Another party, 10% New party

(Those who answered Saar should stay in Likud): Should Saar challenge Netanyahu for Likud Leader?

63% Yes, 35% No

(Likud voters): If Saar runs against Netanyahu for Likud Leader, would you support him?

42% Yes, 36% No

What do you think about new no-confidence motion protocols?

60% Support