Panels conducted a poll of 500 people with a 4.5% margin of error that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on September 3rd 2015.

No Israeli public poll has been conducted on the distribution of seats since the March election.

Do you understand the Arrangements Bill and the State Budget?

70% No, 20% Yes

Does Sharon Gal’s resignation harm Yisrael Beytenu?

52% No impact, 21% Harm Party, 12% Help Party

Does Shai Piron’s resignation harm Yesh Atid?

42%, No impact, 25% Harm Party, 10% Help Party

Who is the most fit to lead the Right?
(Only those who define themselves as right-wing)

36% Netanyahu, 31% Bennett, 14% none of the above, 9% Liberman

(Among Likud voters)

72% Netanyahu, 12% Saar, 4% none of the above, 3% Erdan, 3% Ya’alon, 1% Shalom