2020 Final Phase 2 Results (Recommendations at President’s Residence):
61 recommendations for Gantz
: 33 MKs from Blue & White, 15 MKs from Joint List, 7 MKs from Yisrael Beitenu & 6 MKs from Labor-Meretz).

58 recommendations for Netanyahu: 36 MKs from Likud, 9 MKs from Shas, 7 MKs from UTJ & 6 MKs from Yamina.

1 MK not recommending either: The MK from Gesher decided to abstain.

In election round 1 and 2 it was Netanyahu who got the first mandate to form a government. In election 3 it will be Gantz.

Note: Gantz is not expected to form a government since there are at least 2 MKs in Blue & White (Hauser & Hendel) who will not vote for a government with the Joint List.