Midgam conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on Jan 19 2017.

Do you believe that Donald Trump will support moves of applying Israeli sovereignty in the territories in places like Maale Adumim and Ariel?

48% Yes, 30% No, 22% Don’t know

Do you believe Donald Trump will move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem as he promised during the elections?

46% No, 41% Yes, 13% Don’t know

Do you believe that Donald Trump will act to cancel moves that were advanced by Obama on domestic policy such as healthcare?

53% Yes, 25% No, 22% Don’t know

Do you think that Donald Trump will be a good or bad president for the State of Israel?

62% Good, 22% Don’t know, 16% Bad

Will the relationship between Trump and Netanyahu be better, worse or the same as they were with Obama?

65% Better, 23% Same, 7% Don’t know, 5% Worse

Will Donald Trump advance negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians that will lead to two states for two peoples?

50% No, 33% Yes, 17% Don’t know

Will Donald Trump have a positive, negative or no influence over the global economy?

36% Positive, 24% No influence, 24% Negative, 16% Don’t know

What influence will Trump’s term have on the Israeli economy?

34% Positive, 33% No influence, 18% Negative, 15% Don’t know