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Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by Knesset Channel on March 6 2017.

Do you believe Eitan Cabel when he says there was no deal with Shelly Yachimovich?

General Public: 68% No, 21% Don’t know, 11% Yes
Zionist Union Voters: 74% No, 14% Don’t know, 12% Yes

Is it legitimate in your eyes to form an agreement that is based on mutual support?

General Public: 41% Yes, 34% No, 25% Don’t know
Zionist Union Voters: 59% Yes, 24% No, 17% Don’t know

Did the publication of the deal and the tape harm MK Cabel?

General Public: 56% Yes, 25% Don’t know, 19% No,
Zionist Union Voters: 72% Yes, 14% No, 14% Don’t know

Among Zionist Union voters: Did the publication of the deal influence your decision over who to vote for in the primary?

38% Don’t know, 35% I won’t vote again, regardless of the deal, 18% I will vote again, the deal doesn’t matter, 9% I won’t vote again because of the deal

What grade do you give MK Cabel as Knesset Economy Committee Chairman?

30% Average, 29% Don’t know, 21% Bad, 20% Good


Teleseker conducted a poll of 600 people that was broadcast by the Channel 1 on March 1 2017. The poll was conducted after the Comptroller Report was released.

Who is the most responsible for the errors during Operation Protective Edge?

63% Politicians, 23% Don’t know, 14% Military

Who is the most responsible for the errors surrounding the tunnels?

34% Netanyahu, 29% No one responsible, 21% Yaalon, 10% Gantz, 6% Kochavi, 0% Don’t know

Who is your preferred candidate for Prime Minister?

31% Netanyahu, 27% Don’t know, 17% Lapid, 8% Bennett, 6% Liberman, 6% Herzog, 5% Yaalon

Will the report damage Yaalon’s political future?

50% Don’t know, 40% Yes, 10% No

Will the report damage Gantz’s political future?

50% Don’t know, 31% Yes, 19% No

Are we ready for next round (of war)?

49% No, 32% Yes, 19% Don’t know

Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on Feb 27 2017.

What grade do you give Zahava Gal-on as leader of Meretz?

General Public: 32% Bad, 25% Good, 24% Average, 19% Don’t know
Left Voters: 44% Good, 37% Average, 18% Bad, 1% Don’t know

Should Meretz made their positions more extreme or more moderate?

General Public: 57% Moderate, 24% Not Change, 12% Don’t know, 7% Extreme
Left Voters: 46% Not Change, 35% Moderate, 15% Extreme, 4% Don’t know

Should Meretz join with another party or should it remain an independent party?

General Public: 49% Remain Independent, 28% Join Another Party, 23% Don’t know
Left Voters: 59% Remain Independent, 29% Join Another Party, 12% Don’t know

Do you support or oppose the proposal to turn the Meretz Primary to an open primary?

General Public: 38% Support, 31% Oppose, 31% Don’t know
Left Voters: 51% Support, 38% Oppose, 11% Don’t know

What topics should Meretz focus on?

73% Social & Economic Issues, 14% Security & Diplomatic Issues, 13% Don’t know

Question for left voters: What do you think the reason is for the decline of the Israeli left?

59% Leadership crisis on the left, 18% Left presents a line that is too extreme, 9% The left is not in decline, 7% left is no longer relavent, 4% left has become anti-Israeli, 3% Don’t know

Midgam conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on Feb 23 2017.

How do you grade Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to the United States and his meeting with President Trump?

48% Not a success or failure, 33% Success for Israel, 14% Don’t know, 5% Failure for Israel

Do you think President Trump’s statement that “the sides will decide if they want 1 state or 2 states” will allow the advancement of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians?

55% Not allow, 27% Allow, 18% Don’t know

Will applying Israel sovereignty in Judea and Samaria lead to one state for two people?

55% No, 25% Yes, 20% Don’t know

Will one state for two people from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River allow Israel to maintain its Jewish majority in such a state?

49% No, 36% Yes, 15% Don’t know

If one state for two people is established can we prevent Palestinians in Judea and Samaria from voting?

69% No, 23% Yes, 8% Don’t know

If one state for two peoples is established and there is no voting rights for Palestinians to the Knesset, will we be similar to the former South Africa’s apartheid?

51% Yes, 33% No, 16% Don’t know

Will fulfilling the limitations that Trump requested on settlements advance the chances of peace?

47% No, 33% Yes, 20% Don’t know

From you impression, will President Trump be willing to take a risk in giving up on American interests in Arab States and the Muslim World to allow Israel to strengthen and expand settlements, and annex territory in Judea and Samaria into Israel?

59% No, 25% Yes, 16% Don’t know

Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on Feb 20 2017.

Who of the following personalities should lead the right wing if Benjamin Netanyahu is forced to resign?

General Public: 29% Saar, 19% None, 13% Bennett, 11% Don’t know, 8% Kahlon, 7% Liberman, 5% Katz, 5% Regev, 3% Hanegbi

Right-wing voters: 21% Bennett, 21% Saar, 15% None, 11% Liberman, 10% Don’t know 7% Katz, 6% Regev, 5% Kahlon, 4% Hanegbi

How would you define the Minister Tzachi Hanegbi: having independent views or “mouthpiece” of Prime Minister Netanyahu?

44% Mouthpiece, 35% Don’t know, 21% Independent Views

Following the appointment should Hanegbi voice independent views or support the Prime Minister?

62% Independent Views, 25% Support Prime Minister, 13% Don’t know

Is it correct on the part of Tzachi Hanegbi to accept the appointment of acting Communications Minister for the next three months?

32% Yes, 27% Yes but he should insist on a permanent appointment, 22% No he should not accept the position, 19% Don’t know

Is Tzachi Hanegbi is a candidate worthy or not worthy in your eyes for the leadership of the Likud?

General Public: 47% No, 30% Don’t know, 23% Yes

Likud Voters: 39% No, 37% Yes, 24% Don’t know

Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on Feb 13 2017.

What grade do you give Issac Herzog as Opposition Chairman?

44% Bad, 33% Average, 13% Good, 10% Don’t know

Of the following candidates who do you think is most worthy to lead the Labor Party?

General Public: 27% Yachimovich, 22% None/Other, 17% Don’t know, 10% Peretz, 8% Herzog, 7% Cabel, 6% Margalit, 3% Gabai
Zionist Union Voters: 16% Other/None, 16% Yachimovich, 13% Peretz, 13% Herzog, 11% Margalit, 11% Gabai, 11% Don’t know, 9% Cabel

Should Herzog maintain the Zionist Union with the Livni Party?

General Public: 44% No, 33% Yes, 23% Don’t know
Zionist Union Voters: 42% Yes, 31% No, 27% Don’t know

Is Herzog correct when he attempts to place the Zionist Union in the center of the Israeli political map?

General Public: 44% Yes, 28% No, 28% Don’t know
Zionist Union Voters: 71% Yes, 20% No, 9% Don’t know

Do you think the efforts to enter Netanyahu’s Government hurt or helped Herzog’s standing?

55% Hurt, 25% Didn’t influence, 15% Don’t know, 5% Helped

Should Herzog join Yair Lapid in the next general elections?

General Public: 52% No, 28% Yes, 20% Don’t know
Zionist Union Voters: 44% Yes, 42% No, 14% Don’t know
Yesh Atid Voters: 49% No, 42% Yes, 9% Don’t know

Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on Feb 6 2017.

Do you know what the reason was behind the strike in Jerusalem last week?

52% Yes, 48% No

Those who answered yes to Q1: Was Nir Barkat’s decision to strike for the right reasons?

50% No, 27% Yes, 23% Don’t know

Those who answered yes to Q1: Was the strike itself justified in your eyes?

57% No, 36% Yes, 7% Don’t know

What level of influence do you think the strike had on Barkat’s canidiacy for a spot on the Likud’s Knesset list?

General Public: 34% Don’t know, 26% No influence, 25% Hurt him, 15% Helped him
Likud Voters: 36% No influence, 26% Hurt him, 21% Don’t know, 17% Helped him

What grade do you give Nir Barkat as Jerusalem Mayor:

39% Good, 28% Average, 19% Don’t know, 14% Bad

Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on Jan 30 2017.

What grade do you give Naftali Bennett as Chairman of the Bayit Yehudi?

40% Good, 31% Average, 21% Bad, 8% Don’t know

Should Naftali Bennett remain as the leader of Bayit Yehudi or should he join the Likud?

49% Bayit Yehudi, 26% Likud, 25% Don’t know

Likud voters: 52% Likud, 39% Bayit Yehudi, 9% Don’t know

Bayit Yehudi voters: 72% Bayit Yehudi, 20% Likud, 8% Don’t know

Should Bennett find a political alliance or should he remain as Chairman of Bayit Yehudi?

45% Bayit Yehudi, 28% Don’t know, 27% Alliance

Bayit Yehudi voters: 88% Bayit Yehudi, 8% Alliance, 4% Don’t know

Follow up question for those who answered “alliance”: Who should Bennett connect with?

32% Liberman, 28% Don’t know, 22% Kahlon, 18% Lapid

Did Naftali Bennett act with good intentions when he proposed the Amona deal?

35% Yes, 35% Don’t know, 30% No

Right-wing voters: 46% Yes, 32% Don’t know, 22% No

What do you think about Bennett’s conduct of taking the argument on the tunnels during Operation Protective Edge to the public agenda?

35% He should have waited for the official report, 27% Bennett was correct, 23% He should have stayed in the Security Cabinet, 15% Don’t know

What do you recommend Naftali Bennett should focus on?

60% Education Ministry, 16% Security-Diplomatic issues, 15% Economic-Social issues, 9% Don’t know

Panels conducted a poll that they released on Jan 30 2017 on their Facebook page.

Should Netanyahu go home?

Jan 30: 50% No, 37% Yes, 13% Don’t know
Jan 23: 46% No, 40% Yes, 14% Don’t know
Jan 15: 50% No, 38% Yes, 12% Don’t know
Jan 9: 45% No, 39% Yes, 16% Don’t know

Previous demographics here: https://knessetjeremy.com/2017/01/16/panels-poll-70-of-right-dont-want-netanyahu-to-go-home-82-of-left-do/

Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on Jan 23 2017.

Where would you place Yair Lapid on the political map?

77% Center, 13% Left, 6% Don’t know, 4% Right

Does Yair Lapid have concrete policy positions or does he adjust his statements based on public opinion?

64% Public opinion, 24% Concrete policy, 12% Don’t know

What is Yair Lapid’s position on the subject of two states for two peoples?

48% He is in favor of 2SS, 40% Don’t know, 12% He is against 2SS

What areas should Lapid focus his activity on?

67% Cost of living and other social issues, 10% Don’t know, 8% Government corruption, 8% Diplomatic issues, 7% Security issues

How should Yair Lapid act towards Netanyahu during the investigation?

52% Wait, 21% Don’t call on him to resign, 19% call on him to resign, 8% Don’t know

Did Lapid act correctly by signing on to the impeachment of Balad MK Basel Ghattas?

75% Yes, 11% No, 14% Don’t know

What do you think is the best path for Yair Lapid ahead of the next elections: Run as leader of Yesh Atid or connect to a bloc of center parties?

43% Run as leader of Yesh Atid, 34% Join a center bloc, 23% Don’t know

Question for 34% who answered that he should join a center bloc: Which party would you like to see Lapid connect with in the next elections?

34% Kulanu, 28% Zionist Union, 28% A new party led by Yaalon, 10% Don’t know