Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on March 13 2017.

Where would you position Moshe Yaalon on the spectrum of the political map?

41% Right, 23% Center, 19% Don’t know, 17% Left

Would you recommend to Yaalon that he run in his own party or join another party?

55% Join another party, 34% Don’t know, 11% Run by himself

Question for those who suggest he join another party: Who should he join?

32% Yesh Atid, 23% Kulanu, 18% Likud, 16% Zionist Union, 11% Don’t know

How will the inclusion of Moshe Yaalon on a party list influence your decision to vote for a political party in the next elections?

50% Won’t influence, 19% Don’t know, 16% Won’t want to vote for list, 15% Will want to vote for list

Did the State Comptroller Report harm the security standing of Yaalon?

44% Yes, 31% No, 25% Don’t know

What do you think of Yaalon’s conduct during the Elor Azaria Story?

38% Should not have voiced an opinion, 23% Did right thing in voicing his position, 20% Did right thing but should have moderated his position, 19% Don’t know