“The final results of the elections for the 21st Knesset will be published in Reshumot by Wednesday, April 17, 2019. By this date, the results may be revised due to the various control and examination processes that the committee conducts on the election results.” Source: Israeli Central Committtee Elections Website: https://votes21.bechirot.gov.il/cityresults?cityID=99999

Note: The official results will be certified by Central Election Committee Justice Meltzer on Wednesday. There are a number of polling stations that will be looked at again such as the ones in Bat Ayin, Gevaot Bar & Itamar. The magic number for HaYamin HeHadash to get in is 1,461 votes. I will post again on Wednesday an updated bracket of the final percentage points.

Vote PercentageKnesset SeatsOutgoing seatsPartyLeader/s
26.45%36[29] Likud (Netanyahu)
26.11%35[11] Blue & White(Gantz, Lapid, Yaalon & Ashkenazi)
5.99%8[07] Shas (Deri)
5.77%7[06] United Torah Judaism (Litzman)
4.49%6[05] Hadash-Taal (Odeh & Tibi)
4.44%6[18]Labor (Gabbai)
4.02%5[05] Yisrael Beitenu (Liberman)
3.70%5[05] United Right List (Peretz, Smotrich & Ben Gvir)
3.63%4[05] Meretz (Zandberg)
3.54%4[10] Kulanu (Kahlon)
3.34%4[08] Raam-Balad (Abbas)
Under 3.25% electoral threshold:
3.22%0[03] Hayamin Hehadash (Bennett & Shaked)
2.73%0[–-] Zehut (Feiglin)
1.73%0[01] Gesher (Orly Levy)
0.74%0[01] All other parties Oren Hazan, Gal Hirsch & Others
65[66] Current Right-Religious BlocNetanyahu
55[54] Current Center-Left-Arab BlocGantz

Meltzer Decision that was sent to the parties and published a few minutes before midnight between Thursday night and Friday morning. The translation to English is my own:

Re: Election results for the 21st Knesset

Further to my announcement today, at 19:30, I submit to you the results of the elections for the 21st Knesset, as prepared by the Central Elections Committee for the Knesset, as of this time. I would like to emphasize that these results are published after many control procedures carried out by the Central Elections Committee. However, these are not the official results to be published on April 17 2019, in accordance with Article 11 of the Basic Law: The Knesset, and shall be submitted to the President of the State. We reserve the right to examine the results in various other control tools that the committee operates, in order to reflect accurate results, in a manner that is beneficial and in accordance with the Knesset Elections Law [Consolidated Version], 1969, and therefore these results are still subject to changes and adjustments. Before these results were published, I was presented with a request from the United Torah Judaism faction, which was submitted to me in writing, as well as a telephone call from Minister Ayelet Shaked to the Legal Advisor to the Committee, Adv. Dan Livneh, who requested to delay this publication, since the results set to be published are not final. After examination of the request and the appeal I found that there is no room to accept it because of course this is the publication of “interim” results, which are still subject to change. And I believe that it has an inherent advantage, since it increases the transparency of the results to the public, and enables the public and the parties to examine the results of the publication of the results. I would like to mention that in previous election campaigns, the results of the elections were published in a similar format, which were later modified and adjusted – on the Election Committee website, and I was not given any clear reason to deviate from this practice. Therefore, soon after the letters are sent to members of the Central Elections Committee and to the lists of candidates, the results will be posted on the committee’s website.