These are the official certified results that were handed today to President Rivlin by Central Election Committee Chairman Justice Meltzer. The most significant change between the interim results that were released Thursday night and the official results today is that UTJ gained a seat at the expense of Likud.

President Rivlin, who has already completed his Phase 2 consultations, announced that later today he will officially ask Prime Minister Netanyahu to form the next government.

PartyLeader/sVotesVote PercentageKnesset SeatsOutgoing seats
Likud (Netanyahu)1,140,37026.46%35[29] 
Blue & White(Gantz, Lapid, Yaalon & Ashkenazi)1,125,88126.13%35[11] 
Shas (Deri)258,2755.99%8[07] 
United Torah Judaism (Litzman)249,0495.78%8[06] 
Hadash-Taal (Odeh & Tibi)193,4424.49%6[05] 
Labor (Gabbai)190,8704.43%6[18]
Yisrael Beitenu (Liberman)173,0044.01%5[05] 
United Right List (Peretz, Smotrich & Ben Gvir)159,4683.70%5[05] 
Meretz (Zandberg)156,4733.63%4[05] 
Kulanu (Kahlon)152,7563.54%4[10] 
Raam-Balad (Abbas)143,6663.33%4[08] 
Under 3.25% electoral threshold:
Hayamin Hehadash (Bennett & Shaked)138,5983.22%0[03] 
Zehut (Feiglin)118,0312.74%0[–-] 
Gesher (Orly Levy)74,7011.73%0[01] 
All other parties Oren Hazan, Gal Hirsch & Others34,6860.82%0[01] 
Current Right-Religious BlocNetanyahu2,132,92249.48%65[66] 
Current Center-Left-Arab BlocGantz1,810,33242.01%55[54] 
Missed Thresholdn/a366,0168.51%0n/a

Notes: 4,340,253 of the 6,339,729 eligible voters cast their vote for the 21st Knesset for a turnout rate of 68.46%. 30,983 votes were disqualified. The electoral threshold of 3.25% was 140,051 votes.

Raam-Balad made the threshold by 3,614 votes. HaYamin HeHadash missed the threshold by 1,453 votes. Zehut missed the threshold by 22,020 votes. Gesher missed the threshold by 65,350 votes.