Following the opposition boycott of the planned 23-hour session, Speaker Edelstein re-opened up the session as planned at 10 AM. Chairman Rotem (L.B.) blasted the opposition’s boycott. Minister Liberman (L.B.) pointed out that it is ridiculous that Labor and Meretz leaders proposed many of the measures in the bill including the raising of the threshold and today are boycotting the vote. He discussed the 29 committee meetings on the bill and the 253 experts that participated in the meetings. Speaker Edelstein announced that all coalition MKs removed their objections. All of the opposition objections were removed because the objecting MKs were not in the building.

You can read more about the content bill here:

Government Bill passed its second reading 67-0 and third reading 67-0.
Knesset Bill passed its second reading 67-0 and third reading 6-0.

MK Hoffman (Yesh Atid) got up after the voting to thank everyone who worked on the bill.
Minister Lapid (Yesh Atid) also spoke from the podium and thanked the people who worked on the bill.
Speaker Edelstein closed the session and said they would re-convene for the presentation of the Haredi Draft Bill at 1 PM.

The only coalition MK who did not vote is Presidential candidate MK Rivlin (Likud Beitenu) who purposely decided to fly to London in order to miss vote. The 52 opposition MKs went through with their boycott.

The official Knesset protocol will show that not one MK gave a speech against the bill and not one MK voted against the bill.
Electoral Reform (for good and for bad) is complete.