Smith conducted a poll of 500 people with a 4.5% margin of error that was published by Globes on Nov 28 2013.

Current Knesset seats in [brackets]
37 [31] Likud Beitenu
19 [15] Labor
12 [12] Bayit Yehudi
11 [19] Yesh Atid
10 [11] Shas
09 [06] Meretz
08 [07] Yahadut Hatorah/UTJ
04 [04] Hadash
04 [04] Ra’am-Ta’al
03 [06] Movement
03 [03] Balad
00 [02] Kadima

67 [61] Right-Religious
53 [59] Center-Left-Arab

Knesset Jeremy Analysis: Likud Beitenu’s bump is three seats higher than the Panels poll. Labor is second place with 19 seats in both polls. Bayit Yehudi receives 12 seats in both polls. Shas also receives 10 seats in both polls. Meretz has 9 seats in the Smith poll and is the sixth largest party compared to 13 seats and third largest party in the Panels poll. In this poll Livni’s Movement party is down to three seats, barely above the current threshold of 2% which is expected to be raised.
Bottom line: The 67 seats in this poll for the four right wing and religious factions would ensure a very stable coalition for PM Netanyahu without the need of adding coalition pieces from the center or left.