* Negotiations Deadline with Palestinians is April 29. Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) is April 28. It should lead to interesting speeches. Although, Knesset will be on recess.

* The current Knesset winter session will end on March 23rd 2014. March 23rd is a Sunday, so Wednesday March 19 will most likely be the last Knesset plenum day of the session. High profile bills such as the National Referendum, Electoral Reform and Haredi Draft Bills are expected to be passed in their third readings before the session ends.

* The Knesset’s summer session will start on May 11th 2014 and end on August 3rd 2014. The following winter session would start on October 26th 2014.

* I’m looking forward to more polling. Nothing to report right now. There has been some talk in polling company circles about polling a Kachalon party. I have not heard anyone talk about polling a new Shimon Peres party.