Midgam conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on March 16.

Are you worried that the Pension Funds will not be able to last because the longevity of life for Israeli citizens is increasing?

65% Yes, 24% No, 11% Don’t know

Do you have or your spouse a pension fund?

48% Both of us do, 28% Just me, 9% Just my spouse, 8% Neither, 7% Don’t know

Are your worried that your personal pension fund will not be able to pay you what you deserve?

63% Yes, 27% No, 10% Don’t know

Would you prefer to manage your own pension fund or would you prefer to keep the current system?

43% Keep current system, 38% Manage myself, 19% Don’t know

Are you considering moving your pension fund to funds with lower management rates?

35% Think so, 29% Don’t know, 18% Think not, 10% For sure, 8% For sure not,

Should the state nationalize all pension funds and place all of them under full government ownership?

42% Yes, 30% No, 28% Don’t know

Do you feel calm when you think about your future as an old person in Israel?

44% Don’t know, 34% Not at all, 18% Sort of, 4% Yes