Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by Knesset Channel on March 6 2017.

Do you believe Eitan Cabel when he says there was no deal with Shelly Yachimovich?

General Public: 68% No, 21% Don’t know, 11% Yes
Zionist Union Voters: 74% No, 14% Don’t know, 12% Yes

Is it legitimate in your eyes to form an agreement that is based on mutual support?

General Public: 41% Yes, 34% No, 25% Don’t know
Zionist Union Voters: 59% Yes, 24% No, 17% Don’t know

Did the publication of the deal and the tape harm MK Cabel?

General Public: 56% Yes, 25% Don’t know, 19% No,
Zionist Union Voters: 72% Yes, 14% No, 14% Don’t know

Among Zionist Union voters: Did the publication of the deal influence your decision over who to vote for in the primary?

38% Don’t know, 35% I won’t vote again, regardless of the deal, 18% I will vote again, the deal doesn’t matter, 9% I won’t vote again because of the deal

What grade do you give MK Cabel as Knesset Economy Committee Chairman?

30% Average, 29% Don’t know, 21% Bad, 20% Good