Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on Feb 27 2017.

What grade do you give Zahava Gal-on as leader of Meretz?

General Public: 32% Bad, 25% Good, 24% Average, 19% Don’t know
Left Voters: 44% Good, 37% Average, 18% Bad, 1% Don’t know

Should Meretz made their positions more extreme or more moderate?

General Public: 57% Moderate, 24% Not Change, 12% Don’t know, 7% Extreme
Left Voters: 46% Not Change, 35% Moderate, 15% Extreme, 4% Don’t know

Should Meretz join with another party or should it remain an independent party?

General Public: 49% Remain Independent, 28% Join Another Party, 23% Don’t know
Left Voters: 59% Remain Independent, 29% Join Another Party, 12% Don’t know

Do you support or oppose the proposal to turn the Meretz Primary to an open primary?

General Public: 38% Support, 31% Oppose, 31% Don’t know
Left Voters: 51% Support, 38% Oppose, 11% Don’t know

What topics should Meretz focus on?

73% Social & Economic Issues, 14% Security & Diplomatic Issues, 13% Don’t know

Question for left voters: What do you think the reason is for the decline of the Israeli left?

59% Leadership crisis on the left, 18% Left presents a line that is too extreme, 9% The left is not in decline, 7% left is no longer relavent, 4% left has become anti-Israeli, 3% Don’t know