New Panels Poll, conducted on Aug 27 2015 for Knesset Channel TV, on a range of domestic issues.

The last public opinion poll on seat distribution was back in March.

Would you like to see Ehud Barak return to politics?

Yes 11%
No 74%

Are you pleased with the conduct of Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon?

Yes 27%
No 53%

Is Minister Erdan’s decision to appoint a person from outside the police as Commissioner correct?

Correct 54%
Wrong 22%

Do you think the selection of Gal Hirsch as Commissioner is a good choice?

Good 36%
Not good 21%

What grade do you give Education Minister Naftali Bennett?

Good 48%
Average 27%
Bad 11%

Are you more pleased with Education Minister Bennett or former Education Minister Piron?

Bennett 38%
Piron 22%
Equal 11%

What is the most important issue for the education system in Israel?

Educational values 50%
Reducing class size 28%
Increasing Science & Technology classes 12%
Strengthening Mathematics 7%.

Would you define Education Minister Naftali Bennett as the Education Minister of all Israeli children?

All Israeli children 45%
Mostly for the Jewish community 15%
Mostly for the religious community 14%
Mostly for the right 8%

Who would you vote for in the Labor Party primaries?:

Option A:

(All voters)

Herzog 24%
Yachimovitz 39%
Barak 14%

(Labor Voters)

Herzog 42%
Yachimovitz 40%
Barak 12%

Option B:

(All voters)

Herzog 18%
Yachimovitz 37%
Ashkenazi 22%

(Labor Voters)

Herzog 38%
Yachimovitz 37%
Ashkenazi 20%

*Question was for “Labor voters”, not “Labor party members”.