August Shows (so far, updating daily)

1) Josh Hasten Show: Parliamentary Vitriol (Aug 4)

2) Live @5 Panel w/Glen Ladau: Analysis of Saltan-Levy Al-Jazeera Debate (Aug 4)
Panel: Molly Livingstone, Daniel Seaman, Mottle Wolfe

3) Inside Israel Today w/Raoul Wootliff: Nodding to Israel from the Podium, First GOP Debate (Aug 10)

4) Live@5 Panel w/Glen Ladau: Interpretations of Law and Order (Aug 10)
Panel: Daniel Seaman, Ari Abramowitz & Mottle Wolfe

5) Mottle Wolfe Show: UNRWA & Yes Planet in Jerusaelm (Aug 11)

Highlight of UNRWA:

6) Josh Hasten Show: Foreign Ministry, fudging numbers & Saar (Aug 11)

7) Yishai Fleisher Show: Chuck Schumer & Congressmen attacked on Temple Mount (Aug 11)

8) Yishai Fleisher Show: Shaked’s Better Judgment & interviewing Baruch Marzel (Aug 12)

9) Live@5 Panel w/Glen Ladau: US sides with PLO, Supreme Court decision & new IDF engagement rules:  (Aug 12)
Panel: Daniel Seaman, Mottle Wolfe, Ari Abramowitz

10) Jerusalem Diaries w/Judy Lash Balint: Israel’s Political System: A Primer for the Perplexed (Aug 17)

11) Live@5 Panel w/Glen Ladau: Danon Appointment, Intifada?, Hunger Strike, BDS Mattisyahu (Aug 17)
Panel: Daniel Seaman, Mottle Wolfe

12) Yishai Fleisher Show:  A Clever and Conniving Political Move – Danon Appointment (Aug 18)

13) Live@5 Panel w/Glen Ladau: Democrats Oppose Iran Deal, Sinai Peacekeepers, Hunger Strikes, 2-timing MK (Aug 19)
Panel: Ruthie Blum, Raoul Wootliff

14) Yishai Fleisher Show:  Iran Deal & Mariah Carey/Bon Jovi (Aug 20)


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