November Voice of Israel Radio Links (will be updated as month goes on):

1) Yishai Fleisher Show: Conversion Reform (Nov 3)

2) Inside Israel Today w/Mottle Wolfe: Stone throwing legislation (Nov 3)

3) Live @ 5 Panel with Jeremy Gimpel, Danielle, Danny Seaman and Josh Hasten (Nov 3)

4) Josh Hasten Show: Why Yesh Atid being the largest party doesn’t matter (Nov 4)

5) Big Falafel with Molly Livingstone: Yisrael Hayom & other Bills (Nov 4)


6) National Security with Dan Diker: When Jerusalem barked at Washington – Obama-Netanyahu Relationship (Nov 6)


7) Yishai Fleisher Show: on ‘Life without parole’ Bill (Nov 6)

8) Evening Newscast: Rock attacks on Route 1 (Nov 10)

9) Live @ 5 Panel with Jeremy Gimpel, Danny Seaman, Mottle Wolfe & Glen Ladau: Terror Attacks in Tel Aviv & Gush Etzion (Nov 10)

10) Yishai Fleisher Show: Passing Budget in 1st reading/Terrorist Attacks (Nov 11)

11) Josh Hasten Show: Speaker Edelstein moment, Yisrael Hayom Bill (Nov 12)



12) Josh Hasten Show: Jewish State Bill (Nov 17)

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13) National Security with Dan Diker: Striking a Balance Between Security Measures and Minority Rights (Nov 20)

14) Live @ 5 Panel: Is Barring Arab Workers from Israeli Kindergartens Discrimination or Protection? (Nov 20)
With Ari Abramowitz, Danny Seaman, Molly Livingstone & Glen Ladau.

15) Live @ 5 Panel: Will a New Jewish Nation-State Bill Impact Israel’s Minorities? (Nov 24)
With Jeremy Gimpel, Ari Abramowitz, Judy Lash-Balint & Glen Ladau

16) Josh Hasten Show: Jewish State Bill + Tibi Debate Recap (Nov 25)

17) Live @ 5 Panel: Did Israel’s Ambassador To UN Change Anyone’s Mind? (Nov 26)
With Josh Hasten, Eve Harow, Molly Livingstone & Glen Ladau

18) Yishai Fleisher Show:Wave of new laws and bills that seem to point to a nationalist Zionist trend in Israeli society and the Knesset. (Nov 26)

19) Live @ 5 Panel:Israeli Security Arrest 30 Hamas Operatives Planning Major Terror Attacks (Nov 27)
With Yishai Fleisher, Bassem Eid, Gil Hoffman & Glen Ladau

20) VOI Evening Newscast on possibility of new elections (Nov 30):

21) Mottle Wolfe Show: Israeli political system and polls (Nov 30)

If you want to listen to 13 of my October interviews: