Latest Voice of Israel Radio Links:

1) Live at 5 Panel with Danny Seaman, Josh Hasten, Mottle Wolfe and Glen Ladau: BB UN Speech Wrap (Sep 30)

2) Yishai Fleisher Show: French Jews and Givat Assaf (Sep 29)

3) Josh Hasten Show: Relations with India and State Budget Update (Sep 29)

4) Gil Hoffman Show “Inside Israel Today”: Poll – Israel rejects Obama & Abbas (Oct 2)

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5) Gil Hoffman Show “Inside Israel Today”: DEBATE with Yisrael Beitenu’s Danny Hershtal (Oct 19):

6) Live at 5 Panel with Danny Seaman, Yishai Fleisher and Glen Ladau: Zoabi, Kerry, Poll (Oct 20):

7) Josh Hasten Show: Kachlon (Oct 22)

8) Yishai Fleisher Show: Lapid (Birthright) and Jerusalem Chief Rabbis (Oct 22)

9) Live at 5 Panel with Jeremy Gimpel, Ari Abramowitz, Judy Lash-Balint and Glen Ladau: ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran etc (Oct 22):

10) Live at 5 Panel with Daniel Seaman, Dan Diker, Gil Hoffman and Glen Ladau: 3-month old baby murder in Jerusalem (Oct 22):

11) Josh Hasten Show: Kachlon (Oct 28): Back from Knesset Recess

12) Yishai Fleisher Show: State Department-BB Knesset speech rift, Supreme Court Override Bill (Oct 28)

13) Live at 5 Panel with Daniel Seaman, Eve Harrow, Mottle Wolfe & Alex Traiman: Chicken-shit (Oct 29)

* Here is a link to my previous 11 panel shows and 13 guest interviews on Voice of Israel & Galay Yisrael: