The last of the Big 3 Bills passed yesterday evening.

The Basic Law was supposed to be voted on at 1 AM on Thursday, but the House Committee decided to move up the vote to 6:30 PM on Wed, due to the opposition’s boycott.  Unlike the other two bills all 68 coalition MKs showed up and voted in favor.

The official Knesset protocol will show that not one opposition MK gave a speech against the bill and no MK voted against the bill.

Speaker Edelstein announced that there was no coalition MKs objections and that all of the opposition objections were removed because the objecting MKs were not in the plenum to voice them.

Basic Law: National Referendum passed 68-0 in its second reading.

Basic Law: National Referendum passed 68-0 in its third reading.

To read more about the National Referendum Bill:

Basic Law: National Referendum (for good and for bad) is complete.

* The Knesset will come back for two more days of sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday next week before going to recess.