Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by Knesset Channel 99 on Jan 30 2014.

Current Knesset seats in [brackets]

30 [31] Likud Beitenu

19 [15] Labor

17 [12] Bayit Yehudi

12 [19] Yesh Atid

11 [06] Meretz

07 [11] Shas

07 [07] Yahadut Hatorah/UTJ

04 [06] Movement

04 [04] Hadash

04 [03] Balad

03 [04] Ra’am-Ta’al

02 [02] Kadima

61 [61] Right-Religious

59 [59] Center-Left-Arab

Knesset Jeremy Analysis: The clear winner of the Netanyahu-Bennett aftermath is Bennett. Bayit Yehudi gains 5 seats from last week’s Panels poll and Likud Beitenu dropped 4 seats. It is very unusual to see such a change in weekly polls. Another interesting point is that Shas’s slow gradual drop is continuing.

Additional Questions:

Were Minister Bennett’s words against the Prime Minister worthy of being said considering he is a minister in the government?

Not worthy 52%, Worthy 37%

How should Prime Minister Netanyahu respond to Bennett after his comments?

Ignore him 31%, Criticize him 29%, No opinion 23%, Fire him 17%

Do you support the idea of Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria staying in their places under Palestinian sovereignty?

No 54%, Yes 38%

Which side on your on in the argument between Minister Yaalon and Erdan on the Homefront Defense Ministry?

Erdan 37%, Yaalon 37%, Don’t know 26%

Is it correct for teachers in schools express their political opinions to their students?

No 63% Yes 34%.

How should the Education Ministry treat the teacher Adam Varta for what he said to his students?

Give him a hearing 45%, Do nothing 31%, Fire him 21%

Should schools install metal detectors to deal with violence problems?

Yes 78%, No 17%