Knesset Jeremy Readers,

Next Friday I will release the last Knesset Jeremy Weekly Average.
This means Knesset Jeremy Weekly Average #15 will be the last poll related post on Knesset Jeremy due to the Israeli law.
Israeli law: 18 January 2013 – after this date the publication of polls and predictions is prohibited.

Knesset Jeremy Weekly Average #15 will include the usual poll average of national polls taken from Jan 13-18.
I will also include my own prediction which will be based on polls, but will also include non-scientific hunches.
It will be interesting to see which one is closer to the final result.
I will be happy to comment on the thread up until election day based on my thoughts on Jan 18.

Election/Poll season brought many new readers to Knesset Jeremy and I hope to see you stick around after the 19th Knesset starts. Knesset Jeremy is the only place where you can get daily updates from the Knesset’s plenum sessions in English.


Jeremy Saltan