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I will let these 5 articles speak for themselves:


Holyland 2

Mevaseret Zion Immigration & Absorption Committee Member Jeremy Saltan pointed out that “the land was donated by American Jews to the Jewish Agency, not for a real estate project. Now the land has switched hands to their pension fund, they are looking for a minimum of NIS 295m. for the property.

“Something doesn’t smell right, it is possible we are talking about ‘Holyland: The Sequel,’” he said.

Saltan also responded to Immigration and Absorption Ministry representatives who said they do not have open slots in other centers and there is no plan to build new ones.

“What does it say about the State of Israel that we are closing down the largest absorption center in the country? What are we going to do with the impending aliya from the Ukraine and France?” he asked.


Jeremy Saltan is quoted in two articles as part of the Jerusalem Post’s Transparency in Knesset series:

“Transparency is essential for holding our elected officials accountable, which is the key element of true representation.”


“The Knesset needs to invest in updating their English website so it can be a resource for Jews around the world and the international community, who have an interest in what is discussed here.”


Jeremy Saltan on Galay Yisrael Radio: Breakdown of Peace Talks and Racism near Jerusalem in Mevasseret Tzion.




Knesset insider Jeremy Man Saltan discusses the breakdown of negotiations between Israel and Arab leadership and the root causes behind the end of the negotiations. He moves on to talk about how American Secretary of State John Kerry’s idea of ending the conflict in nine months has been an absolute failure.

He ends with a discussion about how racist Purim costumes near Jerusalem in Mevasseret Tzion, have caused the issue of racism to be brought to the forefront. Learn about how Jeremy, the Bayit Yehudi Party Branch leader is fighting racism.