Midgam conducted a poll of 512 Haredim for Mishpacha (Family) Magazine that was published on Oct 12 2016.

Which Party will you vote for in the next elections?

62% UTJ, 13.6% Shas, 9.8% Don’t know, 6.4% Different Haredi party, 4.7% Don’t vote, 3.5% Non-Haredi party

Among Haredi Ashkenazim: 82.8% of Lithuanians (Degel HaTorah) will vote UTJ compared to 74.5% of Hasidim (Agudat Yisrael). Overall 2.5% of Haredi Ashkenazim will vote Shas.

Among Haredi Sephardim: 52.8% Shas, 17% Undecided, 10.2% A Haredi Party that is not Shas or UTJ, 10% UTJ and 10% won’t vote or will vote for a non-Haredi party.

Which Haredi politician are you most satisfied with?

28.2% Litzman, 20.8% Gafni, 7.1% Parush, 6.9% Deri


Additional Note #1: Degel HaTorah is close to 60% of UTJ voters compared to a little over 40% for Agudat Yisrael.

Additional Note #2: Agudat Yisrael breakdown: 13.7% Shlomi Emunim Faction (Deputy Minister Porush), 11% Central Faction (Minister Litzman), 5.7% Belz (MK Eichler), 2.4% Vizhnitz (MK Moses).