Midgam conducted a poll for the Knesset Channel that was broadcast on Oct 27 2016.

Did the Iraqi Military takeover of Mosul advance the destruction of the ISIS State?

44% Yes, 36% No, 19% Don’t know

Did the Iraqi Military takeover of Mosul weaken the opposition to Assad in Syria?

45% No, 30% Don’t know, 25% Yes

In the long term will the dream of Islamic extremists to create an Islamic State according to the laws of the Koran disappear or remain?

66% Remain, 22% Disappear, 12% Don’t know

What will happen to the Islamic State of ISIS as a result of the coalition efforts to destroy it through the help of the Iraqi and Kurdish armies?

40% Weaken, 20% Won’t change, 19% Don’t know, 12% Destroy, 9% Strengthen

Is the fight between Shiites and Sunnis in Islamic states utilized enough by Israeli Hasbara?

47% Not at all, 23% Utilized a little but enough, 22% Don’t know, 7% Utilized enough

Are the Muslim refugees that are going from Syria and ISIS to Jordan endangering the stability of the Jordanian Government?

57% Yes, 22% No, 21% Don’t know

Are the United States and the other western states doing enough to strengthen the moderate Muslims in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States?

51% Not enough, 24% Not at all, 17% don’t know, 8% Enough