HaMidgam/former Dialog conducted a poll of 646 people that was published by Walla on Oct 2 2016.

How would you grade living in Israel?

56% Good, 40% Average, 3% Bad, 1% Very bad

Have you ever thought about leaving Israel?

77% No, 23% Yes

Note: Only 13% of Arabs said yes.

When do you think Israel will reach a peace deal with the Palestinians?

64% Never, 24% Not in next five years, 8% Don’t know, 4% Within the next five years

Israel’s biggest issue is?

36% Cost of living, 24% Security situation, 17% Corruption in public sector, 13% Housing, 9% Religion and State Issues

Do the following figures do their job well from a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest and 1 being lowest?

Top 10: 6.71 Health Minister Litzman, 6.7 IDF COS Eizenkott, 6.2 President Rivlin, 5.9 Justice Minister Shaked, 5.8 Police Commish Alsheikh, 5.7 Education Minister Bennett, 5.4 Finance Minister Kahlon, 5.3 Culture and Sport Minister Regev, 5.3 Prime Minister Netanyahu, 5.2 Defense Minister Liberman

Note: Among Arabs: 7.7 Tibi and 7.1 Odeh