Israel was mentioned by five of the ten candidates in the Fox News Top-10 Republican Debate. Paul mentioned Israel three times and Walker twice. Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem and Netanyahu were also mentioned.

Quick Summary

Trump, the frontrunner, spoke out against the Iran deal and said “what happened with Iran is a disgrace”.

Bush, the current runner-up in the polls, also spoke out against the Iran deal.

Walker, the other top-three candidate, said he would terminate the Iran deal on day 1 and put sanctions back into play. He mentioned Israel twice during the debate.

Huckabee, currently running fourth, spoke out very strongly against Iran and mentioned Israel once.

Carson, who rounds out the top-five, talked about National Security issues, but did not get into Israel-Iran issues.

Cruz warned “Iran is on the verge of getting a nuke weapon” and pledged to cancel the Iran deal & move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Rubio was one of two candidates to not discuss national security related issues.

Paul mentioned Israel three times during the debate. He said he will vote against Iran deal in Senate and that “Israel is a great ally”. He stressed that Netanyahu wants Israel to be financially independent so his view on eventually cutting Israel foreign aid isn’t an anti-Israel position.

Christie said he would keep giving foreign aid to Israel and discussed other national security issues.

Kasich was one of two candidates to not discuss national security related issues.

Israel count: After two events Israel has been mentioned 18 times overall by nine candidates. Jindal leads with mentioning Israel a total of 4 times in 2 events, Paul is in second place with 3 mentions.

Events Times
Jindal 2 4
Paul 2 3
Fiorina 2 3
Walker 2 2
Cruz 2 2
Christie 2 1
Graham 2 1
Santorum 2 1
Huckabee 1 1
Carson 2 0
Bush 2 0
Rubio 2 0
Kasich 2 0
Pataki 2 0
Gilmore 1 0
Trump 1 0
Perry 2 0