Israel was mentioned once by three candidates in the 2nd tier, compared to the 7 times by 4 different candidates in the first GOP event.

Jindal mentioned Israel in his opening talking points for the second straight event.

Fiorina mentioned Israel and went as far as saying “The first call I’ll make as President is to Bibi Netanyahu” and spoke strongly against the Iran deal.

Graham focused mostly on national security issues again. He spoke positively about Israel US, strong against Iran and talked about increasing US troops in the Mideast including Iraq.

Perry didn’t mention Israel but did say that “The first thing I’ll do as President is tear up deal with Iran”.

Gilmore didn’t mention Israel, but spoke strongly against Iran.

Pataki didn’t mention Israel. He talked out National Security as well and his usual 9-11 talking points.

Santorum was the only candidate that was not asked a direct national security question.

Israel count: After two (or 1.5) events Israel has been mentioned 10 times overall by five candidates. Jindal leads with mentioning Israel a total of 4 times in 2 events.