New Wave Poll conducted a poll for Yisrael Hayom that was published this weekend:

It has been months since the election and we are still waiting for the first public post-election poll on seats. There have been many other types of public polls and since I haven’t posted in a while, here is the latest poll from Israel:

Who do you think is most suitable at this time to serve as Israeli Prime Minister?

39% Netanyahu

14% Herzog

13% Lapid

6% Kahlon

5% Liberman

23% Don’t Know

*Other party leaders such as Ayman Odah, Naftali Bennett and Zahava Gal-On were not polled.

Should we or should we not keep fighting the Iran deal?

76% Yes

15% No

8% Don’t Know

Do you think US President Obama is concerned or not concerned about Israeli interests?

73% Not concerned

20% Concerned

8% Don’t know