Following Day 1 of Phase 2: Netanyahu 51, Herzog 24, Neither 13

It is unprecedented, but President Rivlin received special permission from the Central Elections Committee Chairman to begin consultations with the delegations of the ten lists elected to Knesset prior to official results. Final results that are not yet official were published on Thursday.

Six lists arrived at the President’s Residence today for “Day 1”.

Following Day 1: Netanyahu has received 51 endorsements (Likud, Bayit Yehudi, Shas and UTJ), Herzog 24 (Zionist Union), Neither 13 (The Joint List).

Tomorrow “Day 2” will begin with the last four lists (Kulanu, Yisrael Beitenu, Yesh Atid and Meretz) who will meet with President Rivlin.

President Rivlin will be allowed to officially grant the mandate of forming the next government when he receives the official results on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Despite serious charges of racism against Netanyahu, The Joint List did not recommend Zionist Union leader Herzog in Phase 2. The Joint List’s decision all but officially clinches Phase 2 for Prime Minister Netanyahu.

For those who missed the Top 20 Model’s Party-by-Party High-Low

High – Ashkelon 39.88%, Beer Sheva 37.69%, Netanya 33.54%
Low – Bnei Brak 4.57%, Tel Aviv 18.19%, Haifa 20.74%

Zionist Union
High – Kfar Saba 34.94%, 34.45% Hertzlia Tel Aviv 34.27%
Low – Bnei Brak 1.28%, Bet Shemesh 3.28%, Ashdod 8.56%

The Joint List
High – Haifa 8.27%, Tel Aviv 3.18%, Jerusalem 1.23%
Low – All others under 1%

Yesh Atid
High – Modiin 18.01%, Hertzlia 14.98%, Rishon L’Tzion 14.40%
Low – Bnei Brak 0.65%, Bet Shemesh 2.60%, Jerusalem 4.21%

High – Hadera 15.75%, Holon 11.98%, Rishon L’Tzion 11.44%
Low – Bnei Brak 1.15%, Bet Shemesh 3.50%, Jerusalem 4.68%

Bayit Yehudi
High – Raanana 10.91%, Petah Tikva 10.71%, Modiin 10.56%
Low – Bnei Brak 2.35%, Tel Aviv 3.36%, Hertzlia 4.16%

High – Bnei Brak 23.97%, Bet Shemesh 14.35%, Jerusalem 11.95%
Low – Modiin 1.25%, Raanana 2.06%, Haifa 2.23%

Yisrael Beitenu
High – Ashkelon 15.12%, Ashdod 13.36%, Bat Yam 12.88%
Low – Bnei Brak 0.68%, Raanana 1.48%, Tel Aviv 2.09%

High – Bnei Brak 59.35%, Bet Shemesh 28.30%, Jerusalem 21.13%
Low – Modiin 0.58%, Holon 0.62%, Kfar Saba 0.63%

High – Tel Aviv 13.02%, Hertzlia 6.51%, Ramat Gan 6.15%
Low – Bnei Brak 0.20%, Bet Shemessh 0.48%, Ashdod 0.75%


  • Giora Me'ir

    Report that Herzog has offered Kahlon a rotating prime ministership.

  • Lou Borden

    Howdy Jeremy.

    I just decided, for fun, to calculate the seats alloted to the different parties of the Knesset using the D’Hondt method. I’m coming up with a different result than most sources. I ran it three times and came up with the same seats allotment except Likud has 31 seats and Kulanu has 9. Am I doing something wrong? Please clarify.

    A very confused American.

  • Lewis

    Exactly the thing that the left needed not to happen – not just in the short term but in the medium-long term: a newly-empowered Arab left just throwing up its hands and walking away from the process.

    Bibi’s gambit to marginalize Joint List – in part by convincing them to marginalize themselves – has played out pretty splendidly.

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