Today is the Likud Primaries.
No matter what the results are, the press will determine that the party has gone to the right, as they do every election.
There are 38 people running for the national list and each Likud member must vote for 11.
So, I thought it would be a good idea to present the list of the 11 most right-wing candidates.
This way we can all note how some of them did not get in and that the Likud did not “elect the most right-wing candidates possible”.

The list:

102 אדלשטיין יולי יואל
103 אלקין זאב
105 ארדן גלעד
110 דנון דני
116 חוטובלי ציפי
121 לוין יריב
125 מלכה ישעיהו שי
129 פייגלין משה זלמן
133 קרא איוב
135 רצון מיכאל
138 שטרן שבח