December Voice of Israel Radio Links (will be updated as month goes on):

1) National Security w/Dan Diker: The Proposed Jewish State Law: National Security Protection or Peril? (Dec 1)

2) ISRAEL INSPIRED w/ARI ABRAMOWITZ & JEREMY GIMPEL: Breaking Down the Causes of Israel’s Coalition Crisis (Dec 2)

3) Josh Hasten Show: Is Springtime Election Season in Israel? (Dec 2)


4) National Security w/Dan Diker:  Israel’s Identity Crisis: Jewish and Democratic, or Democratic and Jewish? (Dec 2)


5) Hosting National Security: Our next COS: Gadi Eisenkott: Dove or Hawk. Who will be our next DM? (Dec 4)

6) Inside Israel Today w/Gil Hoffman: Getting ready for elections and elections for dummies (Dec 7)

7) Josh Hasten Show: Analysis of yesterday’s Knesset vote to dissolve the current government in favor of new elections (Dec 10)

8) Live @ 5 Panel w/Molly Livingstone, Danny Seaman, Raoul Wootlif & Mottle Wolfe: Muslim in Jewish Home? (Dec 10)


9) JERUSALEM DIARIES WITH JUDY LASH BALINT: Will the Real Knesset Insider Please Stand Up? (Dec 11)

10) Josh Hasten Show: Bennett-Ariel, Chetboun-Yishai (Dec 16)


11) REJUVENATION WITH EVE HAROW: Genealogy with Jeremy Saltan (Dec 21)

12) NATIONAL SECURITY WITH DAN DIKER: What Will Become of the New York Times’ Roger Cohen? (Dec 23)

13) Yishai Fleisher Show: Mapping out Arab List, Meretz, Labor-Livni (Dec 23)

14) Daniel Seaman filling in for the Josh Hasten’s Show: Anglos in Israeli Politics: A Force To Be Reckoned With?

Highlight of second half of interview:

15) Hanukkah Party: Live @ 5 (Dec 23)

16) Gil Hoffman Show: Poll of Polls Average & Analysis (Dec 28)

17) Josh Haten Show: Shas Collapse & Elections 101-Top 5 (Dec 30)

Highlight – 2nd half:


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