The Knesset’s Tuesday session lasted about two hours and fifteen minutes. Four bills were discussed. Two bills were advanced after passing their first readings, and two bills were withdrawn to avoid defeat. The highlight bill of the day will, if passed, enforce jail time for employers who illegally employ minors.


Non-Bills Summary

  • 16 MKs spoke during the one minute speech segment that opened the day.
  • A motion marking International Environment Day was discussed by 5 MKs and Environment Minister Erdan (Likud).


Bills Summary 

Amendment to the Mandatory Tenders Bill

MK Horowitz (Meretz) spoke a little bit about International Environment Day before getting to the bill. He explained the amendment would create a government policy of recycling preference by encouraging and subsidizing goods and corporations that have the green standard. All goods can apply to the green standard and the government will test them to see if they comply with the plan.  He pointed out that recycled toilet paper is already cheaper than regular toilet paper, and this bill will make it even cheaper. He stated that there will be many green standard products on the shelves and they will be cheaper. He pointed out that the government wants to support his bill but asked him to delay the vote on the bill until they can work a few things out. He noted that recycled paper for government machines will save 50 trees per copy machine every seven years.

Amendment to the Mandatory Tenders Bill

Appropriations Committee Chairman Gafni (U.T.J.) explained the amendment would grant a financial preference for recyclable tires. He went on to list his many environmental accomplishments over the years and told a few old stories. He pointed out that the government wants to support his bill but asked him to delay the vote on the bill until they can work a few things out.

Amendment to the Youth Labor Bill

State Comptroller Committee Chairman Ariel (N.U.) explained the amendment would allow government inspectors to increase the punishment against store owners who illegally hire minors from a fine to a prison sentence.

MK Ben Ari (N.U.) said that there are no minors who work today since today’s youth refuse to work. He said those who want to work don’t have jobs because of the illegal immigrants who take their jobs.

MK Zeev (Shas) said our youth are in bad shape and prayed for the youth who he said will be ripped away from their homes in the Ulpana in the middle of the night. He slammed Israel for leading the charge in taking youth away from their parents compared to all other nations. He concluded by attacking the slutty television shows.

The bill passed its first reading 7-0 and was sent to the Labor Committee.

Amendment to the Prison Ordinance Bill

Interior and Environment Committee Chairman Cohen (Shas) explained the amendment will allow the Interior Committee Chairman to conduct official visits to all Israeli jails even if they are unannounced.

MK Zeev said that all MKs should be allowed to visit any prisoner at any jail at any time. He said that MKs are allowed to go anywhere except for security or military buildings and jails should be removed from that list. He said the idea that he needs to send them a letter a week in advance with three dates makes him wonder what his rights are as an MK in the first place. He said he will object to the bill if it isn’t extended to include all MKs. He said he is really insulted that judges get more rights than MKs. Deputy Speaker Majadele (Labor) said he will back MK Zeev’s fight for MK rights.

The bill passed its first reading 5-0 and was sent to the Interior Committee.


This was the Knesset Jeremy English translation protocol of the Knesset’s June 5, 2012, session.

Official protocol in Hebrew: