The Knesset’s Tuesday session lasted about two hours. Three bills were discussed and advanced after passing their first readings. The Knesset seemed to be back to normal after an interesting beginning to the summer session. The bills advanced deal with a wide range of issues from animal protection to sports coaches to dollar mortgage rates.


Non-Bills Summary

  • Ten MKs spoke during the one minute speech segment that opened the day.
  • Four MKs asked queries during a question hour with Energy and Water Minister Landau.
  • Deputy Speaker Edery (Kadima) gave a warm speech welcoming the parliament delegation from New Zealand. 

Bills Summary

Amendment to the Sports Bill

Education, Culture and Sport Committee Chairman Miller (Y.B.) explained the amendment would regulate the occupation of sports coaches to meet the accepted European standards. He announced that European coaches who come to work in Israel leave quickly after they learn that they don’t enjoy the same rights as they do in Europe.

MK Khenin (Hadash) praised the bill and expressed his support. He said that all occupations should merit such rights and regulations.

MK Eichler (U.T.J.) opted to discuss the sport of violence against his sector of the ultra-orthodox Jews. He gave praise to Education Minister Sa’ar (Likud) for adding “Pirkei Avot” to the secular public school system. He went on to discuss violence in sports and in reality shows.

The bill passed its first reading 7-0 and was sent to the Sport Committee.

Amendment to the Animal Welfare Bill

MK Khenin expressed his support for MK Cabel (Labor) who is running for the head of the Histadrut. He explained the amendment would increase the powers of inspection to ensure proper enforcement of the bill. He said the current bill is not really enforced and many animals are tortured and killed every day.

MK Eichler said that it is sad that when it comes to animals this type of bill receives wall to wall support but when it comes to protecting people, the authority is never extended. He said the environmental and animal rights religion is forcing others to follow their rules but the Jewish religion is taboo. He said that he does not like this bill or the movement behind it. He said the financial resources being spent on this law should go to protecting humans.

The bill passed its first reading 7-0 and was sent to the Education Committee.

Amendment to the Standard Contracts Bill

Finance Committee Chairman Shama (Likud) explained the amendment would set a minimum rate on mortgages so that if someone takes one out when it is 4.80 shekels to the dollar and it improves to 3.20 the customer won’t get the bad end of the deal.

MK Eichler praised the bill that will help the little guy and put the greedy big banks in their place. He read a Rabbi’s book that said that Jews will only be allowed to live in Israel if they follow the Torah. He slammed those who incite against the ultra-orthodox, charging they are using the same words the Germans used against the Jews before the Holocaust.

MK Ben Ari (N.U.) noted that the previous day marks 30 years since the disengagement from Yamit and its sister settlements. He recalled living there and being evacuated from there. He asked if 30 years later it was worth it. He said that peace is a mask for surrender and retreat. He went on to criticize the deal struck with the hunger striking terrorists. He warned that we haven’t learned our lesson from Yamit and we are at real risk today of retreating into the sea.

The bill passed its first reading 8-0 and was sent to the Finance Committee.


This was the Knesset Jeremy English translation protocol of the Knesset’s May 15, 2012, session.

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