The Knesset’s Tuesday session lasted about two and a half hours. One bill was discussed and became law after passing its third reading. Ironically, on a day with a motion marking the 75th anniversary of Mekorot, the first Israeli water company, the Knesset also discussed the increase of gas and electricity prices. The relatively short day, even for a Tuesday, resulted in lower attendance than usual. Another consideration was the previous night’s long session.


Non-Bills Summary

* 14 MKs spoke during the one minute speech segment that opened the session.

* MK Shai (Kadima) announced the Finance Committee’s request to split a bill into two. MK Tibi (R.T.) added his two cents. The split was approved 17-0.

* A motion on the 75th anniversary of Mekorot was discussed by Speaker Rivlin, Energy and Water Minister Landau (Y.B.) and seven MKs.

* A motion on the increase of electricity and gasoline prices was discussed by two MKs and Energy and Water Minister Landau.

* Homeland Security Minister Aharonovitch answered queries from five MKs at the end of the session.


Bill Summary

Amendment to the Fines, Fees and Expenses Collection Center Bill

Justice, Law and Constitution Committee Chairman Rotem (Y.B.) said the amendment would require the collection center to pay the first 10,000 shekels temporarily in civil court damage cases and the defendant will reimburse the collection center. He said that many times the defendant takes his time paying the person he damaged. He expressed hope that by allowing the first NIS 10,000 to come from the government the person damaged will be able to go on with their life faster.

The bill passed its second reading 18-0.

The bill passed its third reading 17-0.

MK Levi-Abekasis (Y.B.) thanked the Knesset for approving another one of her bills.


This was the Knesset Jeremy English translation protocol of the Knesset’s February 7, 2012, session.

Official protocol in Hebrew: