Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast on Jan 18 for the Knesset Channel.

Do you know who Miki Zohar is?

53% MK, 43% Don’t know, 2% Journalist, 1% Economist, 1% Mayor, 1% Big Rabbi

Does MK Zohar’s Shabbat Law and statement on State of Tel Aviv reflect your views (Likud voters)?

40% Don’t know, 30% Yes, 30% No

What should be the flagship issue of Likud MKs in this term (Likud voters)?

31% Diplomatic & Security, 24% Social, 22% Economy, 10% Religion & State, 6% Settlements, 6% Don’t know

How would you define the media’s treatment of MK Zohar (Likud voters)?

47% Don’t know, 28% Unfair, 25% Fair

Does MK Zohar’s presence on the Likud list make you vote for the party (Likud voters)?

51% No difference, 26% Don’t know, 14% Yes, 9% No