After three events Israel-counter up to 31 as Fiorina and Cruz tie Jindal for lead of the Israel-counter with four.

Top-11 Debate

Bush: He mentioned Israel twice. He talked about reestablishing US relationship with Israel and that US needs to send message they have Israel’s back.

Fiorina: She gave her friend Netanyahu phone call line for the third event in a row. She said she will stand with the state of Israel and stand with US allies against Iran.

Cruz: He talked about the threat of Iran and pledged the first day of office he would rip up deal. He attacked Iran for calling Israel the little Satan and US the big Satan in middle of negotiations and asked Obama where the side deal is. Once again said he’d move Israel embassy to Jerusalem.

Huckabee: He talked about destroying the agreement and said this is a fight for the survival of western civilization. He discussed how the deal threatens Israel immediately and recalled how Iran kidnapped and killed Americans. Also mentioned Israel in closing remarks.

Kasich: He said it’s a bad agreement but wouldn’t repeal it. He said that if Iran threatens Israel the US needs to hold Iran responsible. He closed by quoting a verse that struck him at a Holocaust memorial ‘If you saved one life you have saved the world’.

Rubio: He talked about the horrible deal with Iran. He slammed Obama for having more respect for Ayatollah of Iran than the Prime Minister of Israel.

Walker: He talked about terminating the bad deal but did not mention Israel.

Paul: He said it’s a bad agreement but that he wouldn’t repeal it. He didn’t mention Israel. He talked about arming Kurds and attacked Saudi Arabia for not accepting Syrian refugees.

Christie: I won’t sign a deal with someone who chants death to Israel, death to America.

The two front-runners Trump and Carson did not really touch so much on Iran or mention Israel once.

Israel Counter – Number of times the word Israel is mentioned:

Events Times
Jindal 3 4
Fiorina 3 4
Cruz 3 4
Paul 3 3
Huckabee 2 3
Walker 3 2
Pataki 3 2
Graham 3 2
Bush 3 2
Christie 3 2
Santorum 3 1
Rubio 3 1
Kasich 3 1
Carson 3 0
Trump 2 0
Gilmore 1 0
Perry 2 0 out