The coalition agreement between Likud and Bayit Yehudi reveals that Likud will be appointing 12 Ministers. In my previous piece I pointed out that 17 Likud MKs are asking for a ministry. In a narrow coalition of 61-MKs every vote counts and some Likud MKs have started to wage an internal war. Certain Ministers are looking for a promotion and others are fighting to be a Minister. It looks like Netanyahu is planning on lowering the number of disappointed Likud MKs with positions such as another Deputy Defense Minister and the position of the Knesset’s Defense & Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman. There are 18 ministries currently open for the 12 incoming Likud ministers following the coalition agreements with UTJ, Kulanu, Shas and Bayit Yehudi. Expect some of the 18 open ministries to be merged.

Here is a wild prediction:

Foreign Minister – Netanyahu keeps it to himself for now

Immigration & Absorption Minister – Netanyahu keeps it to himself for now

Defense Minister – Yaalon (again)

Interior Minister – Shalom

Internal (Homeland) Security Minister – Erdan

Transportation Minister – Y. Katz (again)

Communications Minister – Steinitz

Energy & Water Minister – Hanegbi

Welfare Minister – C. Katz

Tourism Minister – Regev

Culture & Sport Minister – Elkin

Science & Technology Minister – Levin

Senior Citizens Minister – G. Gamliel

International Relations Minister, Strategic Affairs Minister, Intelligence Affairs Minister, Regional Cooperation Minister, Jerusalem Affairs Minister – Benny Begin

Defense & Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman – Dichter

Deputy Defense Minister #2 – Kara

Deputy in Prime Minister Office Minister – Akunis

Deputy Minister – Hotovely

Danon will be offered a Deputy Minister and will turn it down.