Press Release:

Tonight on the Yishai Fleisher Show on Galey Yisrael Radio.  6-8 PM EST.

Hour 1:  Yishai and Malkah Fleisher discuss, why another rain of rockets on Israel?  Then Yehuda HaKohen remembers Rabbi Benny Eisner (z’l) & his redemption Torah.

Hour 2:  Baruch Widen analyzes the Syrian uprising and Jeremy Saltan with a Knesset Update.

Radio :106.5 (Jerus.), 102.5 FM (Central), 89.3 FM (South)

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12 AM – 2AM: Israel
6 – 8 PM: NY
11 PM -1 AM: London
9 – 11 AM (Wed): Sydney –  Yishai’s radio, video, and articles in one easy to use website.
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Update: For those of you who missed the live 1:30 AM version, you can click on this link and listen in. My interview starts at 35:15