An internet-based poll by Panels Polling Company, conducted and published yesterday, reveals that if elections were held today Netanyahu’s Likud would be re-elected, defeating Livni’s Kadima. Likud would also become the Knesset’s largest party. This is the fourth poll conducted since the Bibi-Tours scandal with this result. According to the poll Likud would receive 30 seats, Kadima 28, Yisrael Beitenu 17, Shas 10, and Labor led by Amir Peretz just six seats. Results for the smaller parties were not released.

On the same day that former defense minister and Labor party chairman Peretz announced his candidacy for the third straight election the poll also asked the overall public who they support to lead the Labor party. The results show that Peretz is off to a slow start: Yacimovich received 34% of the vote, Herzog 27% and Peretz 8%. It is believed that Peretz has higher numbers among Labor party voters.