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AS PM Netanyahu is celebrating his 2nd anniversary of the Feb. 10 2009 election victory, we look back to the past 2 years, and to the challenges facing Israel in the next 2 years, what has been done and what is yet to be achieved- with our Jerusalem Knesset correspondence Jeremy Man Saltan – A Former Comedian who works in the Knesset and blogs on the daily activity in the parliament, to analyze the latest polls and the challenges facing the gov’t of Israel. Our Guest on the discussion board is Mordechai Kedar – an Israeli scholar of Arabic literature and a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University, Kedar is an academic expert on the Israeli Arab population. He served for twenty-five years in IDF Military Intelligence, where he specialized in Islamic groups, the political discourse of Arab countries, the Arabic press and mass media, and the Syrian domestic arena. to discuss Egypt and Ikhwan, Obama’s support of the Ikhwan, what is a ahead in the region given the volatility, The US-Israel relations and Israeli politics.