A new Maagar Mohot poll ordered by Israel Radio paints a clear picture of how Israel’s public opinion changed over the Knesset’s 80 day summer recess. According to the poll, the Right would jump to 73 seats, compared to the Left’s 37 seats, while the Arab parties receive 10 seats.  If elections were to be held today only the Likud and Liberman’s Yisrael Beitanu parties would gain seats, while the other parties would either drop seats or would retain their current number.

If elections held today (expressed in Knesset seats) based on the 69% that
named a party.
Current Knesset seats in [brackets].

33 [27] Likud
26 [28] Kadima
21 [15] Yisrael Beiteinu
09 [13] Labor
09 [11] Shas
05 [05] Yahadut Hatorah
03 [03] Jewish Home/NRP
02 [03] Meretz
02 [04] Nat’l Union
10 [11] Arab parties


Do you support or oppose the continuation of the freeze on Jewish
construction in the area of Judea and Samaria for sixty days today in return
for the receipt of guarantees and incentives from the United States?
Total: For extending 45% Against 42%
Among those planning now to vote Likud: For 44% Against 47%

Who is more appropriate to be prime minister, Netanyahu or Livni?
Netanyahu 48% Livni 23% Don’t know, Neither, Other replies 29%


Telephone poll of a representative sample of 562 adult Israelis (including
Israeli Arabs) carried out by Maagar Mohot Survey Institute (headed by
Professor Yitzchak Katz for Israel Radio’s Hakol Diburim (It’s All Talk)
program on 5-6 October and broadcast on 7 October. Statistical error +/- 4.5
percentage points.