Panels conducted a poll of 507 people with a 4.4% margin of error on June 11 2017 that was broadcast on June 12 2017 by the Knesset Channel.

What grade would you give Naftali Bennett as Minister of Education?

41% Good, 27% Average, 25% Bad, 7% Don’t know

Are you in favor or against the policy of the Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett, to add the contents of national heritage and Judaism into the education system?

49% In favor, 39% Oppose, 12% Don’t know

Do you agree or disagree with the ethical code for higher education institutions?

58% Agree, 34% Disagree, 8% Don’t know

Do you think that the very existence of a code of ethics constitutes or does not constitute a violation of the academic freedom of higher education institutions?

45% Does not violate academic freedom, 39% Violates academic freedom, 16% Don’t know

Should political activity be prevented in universities, both by students and by faculty?

45% Yes, 42% No, 13% Don’t know

What do you think is the real motivation for writing the ethical code for higher education?

43% Political motives of Minister of Education Naftali Bennett, 42% Concern for students who can be hurt by biased political lecturers, 15% Don’t know

What do you think will be the fate of the ethical code for higher education?

42% Won’t pass, 34% Don’t know, 24% Will pass