Israel-counter up to 21 as Jindal still leads the Israel counter with four.

Second-Tier Debate notes:

Pataki: Pataki said he would reject the Iran deal on day 1. He said he would give Israelis MOP bombs to help them with Iran. He mentioned Israel twice.

Graham:  He talked about the nightmare to Israel if Iran gets the bomb. He said he would get a better deal with Iran and that he’d bomb Iran if he had to. He also labeled Assad as a puppet of Iran.

Santorum: He talked about Iran as a radical Islamic state and that on day 1 he would demand they open up all facilities or that the US will bomb them.

Jindal: Spoke out against Iran Deal and asked Congress Republicans to use ‘the nuke option’ to prevent it from being passed. Jindal remains in lead despite not mentioning Israel in this debate.

Israel Counter – Number of times the word Israel is mentioned:

Events Times
Jindal 3 4
Paul 2 3
Fiorina 2 3
Walker 2 2
Cruz 2 2
Pataki 3 2
Graham 3 2
Christie 2 1
Huckabee 1 1
Santorum 3 1
Carson 2 0
Bush 2 0
Rubio 2 0
Kasich 2 0
Gilmore 1 0
Trump 1 0
Perry 2 0 out