May Shows

1) Josh Hasten Show: Will PM Netanyahu Meet His Coalition Deadline? (May 5)

2) Inside Israel Today w/Gil Hoffman: ‘Where’s Naftali?’ (May 5)

3) Live @5 Panel w/Josh Hasten: Panel Ari Abramowitz, Mottle Wolfe, Jeremy Gimpel (May 11)

Ayelet Shaked with a Target on Her Head?

4) Josh Hasten Show: The Likud Is Looking to Expand Ministries in the New Government (May 12)

5) Inside Israel Today w/Gil Hoffman: Ayelet Shaked: Extremist or Mainstream? (May 12)

6) Live @5 Panel w/Glen Ladau: Panel Mottle Wolfe, Danny Seaman, Molly Livingstone (May 12)

Is Boycotting Israel a Hate Crime? It is in Canada

7) Live @5 Panel w/Glen Ladau: Panel: Daniel Seaman, Mottle Wolfe, Yishai Fleisher. Jerusalem Day, Pope (May 19)

8) Josh Hasten Show: Opposition isn’t wasting any time (May 19)

9) Josh Hasten Show: Who’s in Charge of Israel’s Public Diplomacy? (May 26)

10) Live @5 Panel w/Glen Ladau: Panel Daniel Seaman, Yishai Fleisher, Mottle Wolfe.

Hamas Admits to Being a ‘Tribal Society:’ Is Anybody Listening? (May 28)


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