The Tuesday session lasted about four hours. No bills were discussed. Three motions were discussed representing three special days- National Commitment to Road Safety Day, International Diabetes Awareness Day and International Children’s Rights Day- and one of those motions was sent to committee. The government decided to oppose all of the bills that were to be brought up for the special days, and as a result few MKs bothered to show up.

Non-Bill Summary

* 17 MKs participated in the one minute speech segment that opened the day. Most of the speeches were from MKs who wanted to talk about the three special days but chose to leave early and not stay for the motions.

* A motion on National Commitment to Road Safety Day was discussed by Speaker Rivlin, eight MKs and Transportation Minister Katz (Likud).

* A motion on International Diabetes Awareness Day was discussed by seven MKs and Agriculture Minister Noked (Independence).

* A motion on International Children’s Rights Day was discussed by eight MKs and Minister Begin (Likud). The bill was sent to committee by a 9-0 vote.