Tuesday’s session lasted about two and a half hours. No bills were discussed. Although it was only the second day back from the 88-day
recess, most MKs chose not to attend the session. Three motions were discussed. Two were passed, and one was defeated.


Non-Bills Summary

* 25 MKs took part in the one minute speech segment of the day.

* House Committee Chairman Levin (Likud) announced the planned changes to the official Knesset member lobbies, which the Knesset
approved 9-0.

* House Committee Chairman Levin announced which disputed bills and motions will be discussed in which committees. It was approved 10-0.

* A motion on the ‘Escalation in the security situation in the south’ was discussed by seven MKs and Minister Erdan (Likud). The motion
passed 7-0 and will be discussed further in a committee.

* A motion on the ‘Attacks, threats and statements on the outgoing commander of Judea and Samaria Division, Brigadier General Nitzan
Alon’ was discussed by six MKs and Minister Erdan. The motion was defeated 4-8.

* A motion on the ‘Shalit release and security implications’ was discussed by three MKs and Minister Erdan. The motion was sent for further discussion in a closed session of the Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee by  a vote of 5-0.